Creating a challenge

A good challenge will always motivate people to move, right? That's why in YuMuuv you can choose between different forms of challenges! Let's make one, or two?

Challenges can be created only by admin accounts. You (as an admin) should go to the Goals (1) page and add a new goal by selecting Add goal (2). Afterwards you can see more detailed statistics about your company.


Then a view opens, where you can choose what kind of challenge you want to create.
In the questionnaire, you can enter a description of the prize, the period of the challenge, and choose the challenge type.

Individual goals

Individual goals (3) are based eighter just on steps (only requires the participant to have at least a smartphone) or on activity formula, which combines steps, calories and minutes of activity (which is more specific but requires participants to have a device that also measures their heart rate). With an individual target, each participant collects activity data only for themselves.

In addition, it is also possible for the admin to create an individual persistence goal. This is a goal type that focuses more in-depth on creating activity habits. For example, a challenge can be created in which an employee has to reach a goal for 60% of the days. You can read more about this on our blog.

Collective goals

In the collective goal (4) questionnaire, a common goal can be created based on either steps, calories or minutes of activity. In this case, all members of the company/community collect data together.


If you have any problems with creating a challenge, contact us directly.