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Top 100 Most Active Companies - July 2023

We are excited to present the July Top 100 most active companies on the YuMuuv employee wellness challenge platform. These companies have showcased remarkable dedication in fostering a culture of health and wellness among their employees. Regardless of their size or industry, their commitment to enhancing employee well-being stands out. We hope that this list serves as an inspiration for you to integrate and prioritize wellness initiatives within your own workplace.

It's crucial to understand that our July Top 100 ranking relies exclusively on the data available within our app. There are numerous companies that might be actively involved in wellness endeavors outside our platform, and such efforts are not included in this list. In order to provide a more holistic picture of corporate wellness, we are in the process of introducing additional metrics, such as the most engaged, most active, and most advanced lists. These forthcoming metrics aim to recognize and commend all companies, irrespective of their interaction with our app, for their unwavering commitment to enhancing employee wellness. Do stay connected with us for future updates on these metrics. Meanwhile, delve into the list below to discover which companies have been featured in the July Top 100:

Top 100 Most Active Companies

  1. MyFitness
  2. Kraken Technologies
  3. PayPal
  4. Axonista
  5. C&C
  6. Funderbeam
  7. ASA Quality Services
  8. Prisma
  9. Zevia PBC
  10. Mapletree
  11. IPA
  12. Procede Software
  13. Bright!Tax
  14. Outdoor Journal Tour
  15. Infragate
  16. Stoneridge Electronics
  17. Kohila Vineer
  18. Signicat
  19. Kliinikum
  20. NinjaOne
  21. Equitybee
  22. Linde Gas Bulgaria
  23. Heat Consult
  24. Viru Keemia Grupp
  25. KK Rae Koss
  26. Spin TEK AS
  27. MyFitness Latvija
  28. HKScan Baltics
  29. Bolay
  30. Syntropy
  31. Tallinna Strateegiakeskus
  32. Super Rod Ltd
  33. Bonava
  34. Lewis Golden
  35. Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum
  36. Metrosert
  37. Cinemo
  38. Bestway Grupp
  39. Tickmill Eesti
  40. Derivco & Games Global
  41. 3M
  42. Go3
  43. Growens
  44. Interlex
  45. Sonepar Eesti
  46. Grinds Coffee Pouches
  47. Otepää Sport
  48. Linde Gas
  49. Shell CEE Finance
  50. Adven
  51. Tickmill
  52. Swedbank Latvia
  53. Puhastusimport
  54. Summit Leadership Partners
  55. Azets
  56. AutoHalle
  57. ABB
  58. Vidyard Journey Teams
  59. AS Semetron
  60. Yusen Logistics
  61. Domus Kinnisvara
  62. Tartu Tamme Gümnaasium
  63. Nortal
  64. NLB
  65. Bolt
  66. Pan ponosni pokrovitelj rekreativaca
  67. Ericsson Eesti AS
  68. Genius Sports
  69. Ettevõtluse ja Innovatsiooni Sihtasutus
  71. Agrone
  72. Boundary Waters
  73. Fujitsu Estonia AS
  74. Grant Thornton
  75. Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide
  76. Swedbank
  77. Commonwealth Equipment
  78. TEAM Weston
  79. 6Connex
  80. Nobel
  81. rPlus Energies
  82. Sisekaitseakadeemia
  83. Hitachi Energy
  84. Mitiska REIM
  85. SYNLAB
  86. Haapsalu Sotsiaalmaja
  87. Pro Optika
  88. carVertical
  89. Bloomreach
  90. RingIT
  91. Coffee Address Active
  92. Prokura, a Kearney Company
  93. Piab
  94. ARW Engineers
  95. BCV Asset Management
  96. SK ID Solutions
  97. Causaly
  98. Coffee Address Steps
  99. Directo
  100. People-In-Motion


In our latest edition for July, we're thrilled to showcase the top 100 companies leading the way on YuMuuv's employee wellness challenge platform. Representing diverse sectors and regions, these entities have showcased an unwavering emphasis on the holistic well-being of their teams. A hearty congratulations to each of these frontrunners! We hope their commendable efforts inspire more organizations to prioritize and champion employee health and wellness.

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