Is HealthSync the only way to pair a Samsung device with YuMuuv?

These days we do not have Samsung in service providers list of YuMuuv, as it is not currently accepting partner programs. As a result, connecting Samsung devices to YuMuuv is a bit more complicated than with others. We have also created an article to make it easier for you to connect your Samsung device with us

There is also said that you need HealthSync to help you move data between applications. Without it, either no data comes out of your Samsung at all, or very little. So, without HealthSync, you can't get your data from Samsung device to YuMuuv until you do not carry your phone with you all day long and measure steps automatically to Google Fit with that.

However, if you have a device from the 4th generation onwards (since Samsung watch 4), you can connect your Samsung Health to Google Fit without HealthSync.

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